We Are Leaders in the Affordable Housing Industry

We actively pursue acquisition opportunities for properties that would benefit from the resources available under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.

LHP Capital, LLC is Located in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee
Featured Team Member
LHP Capital, LLC | Our Featured Team Member

Elva Saylor

Compliance Manager

LHP Management

Elva’s been in the affordable housing industry for over 30 years, working lots of different positions in that time from site manager to becoming a regional manager and currently working in compliance. She started her career with LHP in 2009 when she received a phone call from her prior supervisor stating he had a job that perfectly suited her talents in Knoxville, TN at an elderly property called Summit Towers. Elva enjoys working in all areas of housing and helping provide much needed homes for so many families. When she’s not working, you can find her working a sudoku puzzle, cooking, traveling, spending time with her brindle boxer Pretty Boy, or deep sea fishing for fun. Elva’s supervisor describes her as a greatly respected team player with a quirky sense of humor, that’s always willing to help out her co-workers when needed. We’re lucky to have her in our compliance group!


Our Core Values

At LHP, we strive to maintain the highest level of quality in our development and management activities.
To that end, we aim to be:

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