We Are Leaders in the Affordable Housing Industry

We actively pursue acquisition opportunities for properties that would benefit from the resources available under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.

LHP Capital, LLC is Located in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee
Featured Team Member
LHP Capital, LLC | Our Featured Team Member

Tracy Young

Director of Talent Management

LHP Corporate Office; Knoxville, TN

Tracy joined the LHP team in January 2019.  Previously, she worked at a non-profit in Chicago as an auditor, regional manager and senior training manager.  What she loves about her job is helping people prepare for what’s next and maximize their potential. When she’s not working she loves to travel, visiting 28 countries (so far) and has now become focused on exploring the Knoxville area with her husband, George, and two high-energy dogs, Hawk and Valor. Her supervisor Lindsay reports that: “Tracy likes her coffee with cinnamon and is a sucker for caramel apples. I receive compliments on her regularly. Tracy is a wonderful communicator, extremely organized, and always has an upbeat, positive attitude.” We’re grateful to have Tracy as part of our family!


Our Core Values

At LHP, we strive to maintain the highest level of quality in our development and management activities.
To that end, we aim to be:

LHP Capital, LLC is Committed
LHP Capital, LLC is Courageous
LHP Capital, LLC is Collaborative
LHP Capital, LLC is Curious