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Employee Spotlight
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Roxanne Davis, Assistant Manager at Trevecca Towers I in Nashville, is the first employee to be selected for recognition through the LHP Employee Spotlight, a new program that spotlights exemplary performance and achievements of individual employees. Her manager, Karen Kiefer, submitted her nomination.

Roxanne went to extraordinary effort above and beyond usual duties to comfort and ease the anxiety of a resident who was very much alone and who had to be moved to a nursing home. At age 98, Ms. Hester had outlived all her family including her children. She had no one to help her move or adjust to the new surroundings.

Roxanne took the time to sort through all of Ms. Hester’s belongings in her apartment, carefully boxing up things of value, such as family photos and keepsakes. On her personal time, Roxanne took the items to the nursing home. While it took Ms. Hester a minute to recognize Roxanne, once she did, she was all smiles and so excited to see her special friend. Roxanne has worked at Towers I for nine years and has known and befriended Ms. Hester during the eight years she has resided there. To Ms. Hester, Roxanne is family.

The nursing home staff relaxed the rules so that Roxanne could spend time with Ms. Hester, and when they saw their patient’s mood brighten, they asked Roxanne if she would continue to visit Ms. Hester in person or on facetime. Of course, Roxanne said yes.

LHP is pleased to shine the spotlight on Roxanne Davis. We appreciate all that you do each day to ensure a positive resident experience.

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