LHP Capital

LHP Capital provides capital, underwriting, operational support, and asset management services to its operating companies, LHP Development and LHP Management. Dedicated to Excellence

LHP Development

LHP Development is responsible for acquiring and rehabbing affordable housing properties. Dedicated to Excellence

LHP Management

LHP Management is charged with operating the properties in the company’s portfolio. Dedicated to Excellence


Lead by example and have an impact. Be passionate about company success and do what it takes to enjoy your work and appreciate your colleagues.


Say what you think and make tough decisions wisely. Take smart risks and ownership of mistakes while always doing the right thing.


Promote innovation and seek to understand as you challenge prevailing assumptions. Evolve by creating new ideas and assume nothing.


Work as a team and share information openly and proactively. Welcome insight, listen well, and be respectful.

Featured Team Member

Gayle Wessner, Senior Software Support Specialist; Corporate Office; Knoxville, TN

Gayle got an assist from her husband, who works in recruiting, when it came to finding her job at LHP in 2015. He’s friends with our recruiter, Brandon, and when he saw the available position he sent her resume to HR for consideration. Gayle’s supervisor, Kyle, describes her as a “focused and determined worker, key in moving the company to our current version of Yardi software, as well as being a driving force behind the launch of the debit card payment system. She’s especially good at turning any workflow or process into a set of written instructions which can help anyone from a newbie to a power user navigate Yardi more easily.” Gayle previously worked at the corporate office of local restaurant Copper Cellar in the Accounts Payable department. She admits she never missed an opportunity to use her discount for their fabulous Sunday brunch while she worked there! Outside of work, you can find Gayle attending University of Tennessee football games, spending time with friends and family (especially when good food is involved), and going on impromptu date nights with her husband.