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LHP Capital, along with its operating companies – LHP Development and LHP Management – is a developer and manager of multi-family housing properties with a primary emphasis on affordable housing. Since 1998, LHP has developed more than 12,000 apartment units in 90 properties with the majority of those developments utilizing the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program as a source of investment capital. LHP currently operates over 7,000 units in eight states. The LHP team consists of more than 250 dedicated employees at the community, regional and corporate levels.

Our People

Leaders in the Affordable Housing Industry

We actively pursue acquisition opportunities for properties that would benefit from the resources available under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. At our core, we’ve worked tirelessly to establish a prestigious reputation and earn the respect of our financial partners as well as the residents we serve. We are proud of our accomplishments and strive to continually improve our level of expertise while maintaining unsurpassed dedication to the housing industry.

Our People

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Phil Lawson

LHP Capital


Carey Parker

LHP Capital

Chief Executive Officer

Cristy Lockwood

LHP Capital

Chief Operating Officer and President

Jennifer Schoch

LHP Capital

Senior Vice President of Asset Management

Kelly Kirby

LHP Capital

Vice President of Finance

Lindsay Willis

LHP Capital

Vice President of Human Resources

Scott Briggs

LHP Capital

Tax Manager

Robert Anderson

Project Management

Vice President

Alvin Nance

LHP Development

CEO of Development

Carr Hagan

LHP Development


David Arning

LHP Development

Senior Vice President

Mike Rodgers

LHP Development

Senior Vice President

Craig Cobb

LHP Development

Vice President

Joe Engle

LHP Development


Bob Martineau

LHP Management


Susan Howell

LHP Management

Senior Vice President
Our History

In the summer of 2015, our company was rebranded as LHP Capital, LLC after 40 successful years in the affordable housing industry under the name Lawler Wood.

We trace our beginnings to 1975 when Rodney Lawler and Pat Wood, our founding partners, established a real estate firm headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee to develop housing under what was then a new HUD program known as Section 8. Lawler Wood became a pioneer in the development of Section 8 properties completing more than 3,000 apartment units between 1976 and 1981.

Since the late 1990s, we have specialized in the acquisition and rehabilitation of older Section 8 properties, combining our years of experience in the Section 8 program with the newer Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. This ongoing effort has been led by Phil Lawson, who became Chief Financial Officer of Lawler Wood shortly after it began its operations and now serves as Chairman of LHP Capital.

LHP Capital provides capital, underwriting, operational support, and asset management services to its operating companies, LHP Development and LHP Management. LHP has developed more than 12,000 units in twelve states and currently operates more than 7,000 units while continuing to seek new property acquisition opportunities.

The LHP team consists of more than 250 dedicated employees who make valuable contributions to the success of our company and bring real value to our resident communities. LHP is proud of the tradition of excellence established by our founders and we strive to maintain the reputation for quality and integrity they began as we work tirelessly to provide an environment of exemplary customer service and a place our residents are happy to call home.

Our Culture/Core Values

At LHP, we strive to maintain the highest level of quality in our development and management activities. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality homes for our residents. At LHP, we are committed, courageous, collaborative and curious. We pledge to empower every employee, and encourage self-confidence and personal growth, while working as a team to provide superior customer service.


Lead by example and have an impact

Be passionate about company success

Do what it takes

Enjoy your work

Appreciate your colleagues


Say what you think

Make tough decisions wisely

Take smart risks

Take ownership of mistakes

Do the right thing


Work as a team

Share information openly and proactively

Welcome insight

Listen well

Be respectful


Promote innovation

Seek to understand

Challenge prevailing assumptions

Evolve by creating new ideas

Assume nothing