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Employee Spotlight
Portrait photo of employee

Jackie Evans

Assistant Manager, Imperial Gardens


The July Employee Spotlight shines on Jackie Evans, Assistant Manager, Imperial Garden, who is spreading joy and happiness to Smyrna’s students, seniors and citizens—one bouquet at a time. Jackie owns “The Flower Pot2,” a business she operates more for the love than the money.

“My heart says give, give,” Jackie laughs, adding that she makes a little profit to keep the lights on but that’s not why she has the business.

“I love being able to give back with it,” she says. “It is such a joy to deliver the flowers and be on the receiving end, that’s my favorite part. You get to watch their faces and be an extension of whatever is going on in their life, be it for a birthday, a holiday. You get to be a part of that special moment.”

The list of places where Jackie has donated or deeply discounted floral arrangements is long and includes all the area schools, the hospital, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and many local businesses. At Imperial Garden last Christmas, people who participated in a toy drive were entered into a drawing for a holiday floral arrangement donated by Jackie. It was a tremendous success and at the property’s breakfast with Santa, every child who came got a brand-new toy.

Jackie learned a little about floral design from her grandmother who was a florist and then seven years ago started helping at Smyrna’s Flower Pot. That part-time job eventually led to Jackie purchasing the business, which she now operates from her home with the help of her family which includes four children ages 14-24, a son-in-law, and a fiancée.

“I couldn’t do it without them,” she says. “When Valentine’s Day and other holidays hit, everyone pulls together. We’re all loaded up and headed out to run the deliveries.”

Jackie manages the number of orders she accepts and uses her nights and weekends to do the arrangements. With the help of her family, the orders are filled and beautiful blooms of joy are delivered. 


LHP is pleased to shine the spotlight on Jackie Evans. We appreciate all that you do each day to make our communities healthier and happier places to live. 



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