Chaplain’s Corner

Each week LHP Capital shares an inspirational message to its employees written by Dr. Walter Ghosten.  The essay, known as the Chaplain’s Corner, speaks to a variety of issues, offering insight and inspirational thought that contribute to the spiritual wellness of everyone.

Dr. Ghosten’s words are a source of comfort and inspiration for many employees, and they play an important role in fostering a positive and supportive work environment.

You can find his latest essay here.

Dr. Walter Ghosten

Dr. Walter Ghosten is a retired engineer, veteran of the Vietnam War, and ordained licensed minister who has dedicated himself to a lifetime of service. After a successful career working as an engineer for government installations including Y-12 and K-25 in Oak Ridge, Walter was called to the ministry. He attended the Tennessee Baptist Theological Seminary extension school and in 1992 became the pastor at First Baptist Church in Knoxville where he served 23 years. In 2015, Walter joined LHP Capital to lead its Chaplaincy Program.  During his time with LHP, he continued his lifelong love of learning and in 2022, he was awarded a Doctorate degree in Strategic Leadership from Regent University.

While Dr. Ghosten officially retired from LHP Capital in 2023, his dedication to service remains steadfast. He continues to craft his weekly essay, the Chaplain’s Corner, inspiring and uplifting his devoted readership.

dr walter ghosten - leader of lhp's chaplaincy program
Dr. Walter Ghosten
move forward with wisdom learned from the past
Move Forward With Wisdom Learned From the Past