Employee Spotlight

At LHP, providing a positive experience for every resident is our top priority. The Positive Resident Experience (PRE) Leader award recognizes an employee(s) for providing a phenomenal, electrifying and exceptional positive resident experience. We’re pleased to shine the spotlight on our PRE Leaders.

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Beersheba Heights Tower Maintenance Team

David Judkins and Donnie Moffler

Named PRE Leaders

Congratulations to Beersheba Heights Tower’s David Judkins, Maintenance Tech, and Donnie Moffler, Maintenance Supervisor, who are the recipients of LHP’s Positive Resident Experience (PRE) Leader award. The two men always go above and beyond to provide exceptional positive resident experiences and “they are the magic of Beersheba,” says Beersheba Community Manager Stewart Hale.

On a recent Friday, Donnie and David were just about to head home for the weekend when they received a report of an electrical issue in a unit on the fifth floor. Stewart says both men immediately went to investigate. They discovered a surge protector that looked like it was burnt and after further investigation, a malfunctioning outlet. Donnie had a suspicion that it was not an isolated event. He and David ran diagnostics in every unit on the fifth floor and found consistent problems. They then ran similar tests on floors 1-4 and found no further problems. Following protocol, they contacted Maintenance Director Justin Lawson. The team decided to turn off power to the 5th floor while they waited on the licensed electrician to arrive.

Donnie stayed on to help organize a quick meeting with the residents to let them know about the electrical issues and to offer relocation assistance. The units had no power, but they did have AC and hot/cold water. Most residents opted to wait it out. But some, including several who were on oxygen, decided to accept LHP’s invitation to stay at a nearby hotel at no cost. Donnie helped load personal items, including oxygen machines, for residents who were relocating.

Donnie and David quickly and willingly responded to the Friday evening incident, demonstrating their commitment to providing excellent service to residents. They have a great work ethic, says Justin Lawson.

“Both are quick to step up when help is needed in other areas,” Justin says. “Their hard work is much appreciated, and Beersheba is a much better place because of them.”